Brew Brain

Brewbrain consists out of four guys with a love for tech and beer.

About Us

A couple of guys and a couple of gadgets. We put the brains in brewing.

Our general interest in technology, IOT, and brewing created a nice combination for developing smart solutions for the brewing industry.

Do you have a challenging idea or do you need a tailor-made solution?

Contact us and we will be glad to help you out!

We create smart products that will make your brewing-life easier.

Our Products

Why not add a gadget to your brewing gear? For instance, our product Float, that tracks fermentation activity, temperature and SG to brew better beers. Check out all our products.

My Brewbrain

Your own account with (real-time) data of your present and past brews.
For free.

With a My Brewbrain account, you can track your brews everywhere! Export your data or look at what other people are brewing. Easily link your data to other tools such as Brewfather and Grainfather.

Brewbrain started as a kitchen table hobby project by several colleagues and grew into a full-fledged company during many late evenings and weekends. In 2018 we launched the Float into the first webshops. We learn and grow every day, striving to make better products.


Unlimited support. Get the best out of your product.

We aim to give the brewer the best experience once you bought our product. Do you have an issue or a question? Let us know!