Hey, there’s something floating in my beer!

What is Float?

Float tracks your fermentation activity, temperature and SG to brew better beers.

This device can be used in your fermenter. With its food-grade housing, WiFi connection and an easy to charge the battery, brewers use the Float for measuring fermentation activity and temperature.

The measurement data can give you a lot of information. It can show you when your fermentation is not active anymore so you can keg your beer. But you can also use the temperature data to monitor your dry hopping temperature, and correct it if needed.
Next to real time data, Float’s data can be use to check historical data from older brews in order to re-produce these.

Float can assist you by giving you data about your active brew, anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

All brews in the cloud. Easy.

After you unpack your Float, connect it easily with your WiFi acces point. Create a new account at My Brewbrain or sign in. Switch to measure and drop it into your brew to start measuring!

All your data will be presented in the online platform. Full-screen data for your brewery or an overview of your brews, everything is easy to use on mobile. You can create your own groups for viewing data or make your brews public to discuss them with other brewers.

New features will be developed by the Brewbrain team together with the input from our users.

Any ideas? Let us know!

What is Float?

Features of the Float.

Track your fermentation activity, temperature and SG and more.

WiFi connected

Float easily connects to your WiFi-network and stores all SG and temperature data in your free My Brewbrain account.

Track fermentation

Follow the trend of your active fermentation and temperature.
Everywhere, mobile or desktop.

Track specific gravity

Measure SG to get an estimate of the Alcohol percentage (ABV) in your brew.

Produced in The Netherlands

Quality is our main focus. We believe in producing sustainably and offering dedicated support.

Track temperature

Check the actual temperature from the inside of your fermenting brew. Act when needed, and improve your quality.

Third-party connection

Integrate with multiple platforms. Show your data in apps from Brewfather and Grainfather.


Unlimited support. Get the best out of your product.

We aim to give the brewer the best experience once you bought our product. Do you have an issue or a question? Let us know!